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Bountiful Blessings

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

So, here we are…exactly halfway through my least-favorite month. Knee-deep in life lessons. In the midst of a true juggling act. Forced to confront some serious decision-making. And ready for this upcoming three-day weekend with my family!


I am loving my January goal of writing down one “happy” moment from each day. This act has really shifted my perspective. From spending my “spare” time worrying; to instead filling those moments reflecting, in thanksgiving. Of all that God has bestowed upon us through blessings in our lives. And recently, bountiful is really the only word that comes to mind with all that He has shone upon us. For today, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect upon these amazing people, experiences and acts of kindness.

  1. Having my mom home. Gaining back energy. Strength. And being able to spend two days this week with the little girls. Driving up to my parents’ house, seeing Baby Nugget and “Bama”, sitting together in the window, as if the last month never even happened, stole my heart this week.

  2. Close family members, willing to take the girls, no matter what, when we need help the most.

  3. A best friend, taking the girls in, on top of caring for her three sweet little ones, and working, when we needed help the most. And treating them as if they were her own. Cuddles. Bandages. Meals. Errands. With refusal for compensation. Her presence alone has lifted my spirits more than she will ever know.

  4. Pushing through 10 days of Baby Nugget’s serious separation anxiety. We have gone from 10-15 minutes of crying upon leaving her to less than a minute!

  5. An amazing group of first grade kiddos. Love them. They are a highlight of my day!

  6. Incredible coworkers. So supportive. Understanding. Helpful. We have an incomparable staff. Complete Godsend.

  7. A warm homemade meal from a beautiful coworker/friend that lasted us two nights this week. Two precious evenings of simply reheating a fulfilling and comforting dinner.

Bountiful Blessings8
  1. A remarkable big sister, taking care of my mom, checking in during any free time that she has. She has devoted days-upon-days over the past month checking in, taking my mom grocery shopping, helping her medically and more. So blessed!

  2. Temperatures warm enough to deter the prepare-yourselves-for-being-stuck-inside-for-48-hours-without-possible-electricity ice storm at the start of the week.

  3. Backseat conversations with Miss Observant. Seriously. A total little sponge. With a contagious laugh to accompany. Love this little smarty pants giggle monster.

  4. Games of “peak-a-book”, spontaneous dance parties and floor cuddles with sweet take-the-blues-away Baby Nugget.

  5. Hot tea. Space heaters. And dark chocolate. No explanation needed.

  6. Getting all three girls to the pediatricians office on the coldest day of the year, only for her to think they all behaved so well, while Baby Nugget got checked out, that she personally walked us up front to get stickers for the girls.

  7. Monkey’s ambition to finally learn to help pick up, by watching her big sister. This has been a h.u.g.e. battle, but she is really stepping up, and it’s such a breath of fresh air.

  8. Prayer. Anytime. Anywhere. Any moment needed.

Bountiful Blessings 9

Blessings to each-and-every one of you for a relaxing and refreshing week ahead! xoxo

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