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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Change. Something I don’t roll through very easily in life. Because I am a girl who likes her comfort zone. Who finds peace in normalcy and routine. And who avoids transitions as much as possible. Yet, ready or not, big changes are coming our way.

One of those changes was finalized this week. An adjustment that is leading me to a new role in my life. And pulling me away from another one. Forcing me to flip through the movie reel of memories and responsibilities that have been front-and-center in my life thus far. And reflect upon all that I have worked for and poured into creating a life for my family. Coming face-to-face with closing that particular door. For even just a little while.


Because, you see sweet friends, this change is going to be a big one for me. Maybe even a little challenging. Perhaps scary. Pulling myself away from the career-driven world, and into one that encompasses my family’s needs. Being more “present” in each day and moment. Versus losing myself in the rhythm of life’s daily rush. This decision wasn’t made without hours of conversations. Sometimes tearful. Sometimes indecisive. But ultimately, it was a decision that is the best possible one for our family right now. A decision that also carries a great deal of excitement. And the key to hopefully a better balance for us at this time.


Life is a roller-coaster. One ride that we cannot control. However, for most of us, we have an innate desire to be “safe”. Secure. To avoid “risk”. And when we make those types of moves to sit “still”, or just the opposite, in avoiding those sudden or uncomfortable transitions that cross our paths, we actually find ourselves blowing out the light in our lives. And avoiding growth. Opportunity. New adventures. And that’s one thing I do not want to do. I am not prepared to let my life become stagnant. I fully intend to pray hard and ask for God’s guidance in the roles that He will set before me each day. And follow, with faith, to wherever this new path might lead.

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Change is scary. But change can also be refreshing. Needed. And for the sake of our family at this point in time, I am beyond grateful for this opportunity coming my way to cherish my time as a wife, and even moreso, as a mother, to three sweet, bouncing, lively and growing little girls.  

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