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A Prayer for My Daughter

Dear Daughter,

I pray the world never gets so loud that you can no longer find God's voice.

My prayer is never that you win every race; but rather, you turn to Him to be your hands and feet.

My prayer is never that you will be popular; but rather, that you will stand in integrity, even if it means standing alone.

My prayer is never that you are the “top” of your class; but rather, that you show class, kindness and compassion with every step forward.

My prayer is never that you build your confidence through the opinions of others; but rather, that you establish your worth in the unwavering truth of His Word.

My prayer is never that you conform to who and what the world tells you to be; but rather, that you stay true to Who God handcrafted you to be.

And when the world becomes too loud? And when Satan begins to fervently shout? And when you aren't sure you can hear your Father anymore?

My prayer is that you have so boldly made God the cry of your heart, that not even a whisper is needed for Him to hear directly to the depths of your soul.

Dear Daughter,

My forever prayer is that you will be a lighthouse to those lost in the storms of life, shining the way back home to the anchor of God’s strength in each and every one.

There will always be lies, rumors and irrelevant noise surrounding you, but I forever pray that you will never lose sight of the truth-filled whispers speaking life into just exactly who your Heavenly Father designed you to be.

Beautiful. Amazing. One-of-a-kind. Handsewn. You.

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1 Comment

Jun 27, 2022

May I share. My daughter has a rare disease, and this is beautiful.

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