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A Mother Never Stops Battling

There’s simply never an end to how many times a mother lines up

to go to battle for her babies.

Day in. And day out.

Never an end to the amount of times she zips up her weary body in the armor of God's Word.

Raw. Broken. Shattered. Completely vulnerable.

Never an end to the amount of times she meets Satan at the day's starting line— ready to go to war.

Reminding him that her children will never belong to him.

Never an end to the amount of small battles versus grand wars.

Never an end to her worry. To her preparations. To her strength. To her prayers. To her pain. To her fear. To her faith.

And above all, never an end to the amount of times, she quietly whispers, "You were right, Heavenly Father. I simply cannot do this without You."

For a mother walking with God knows, never for once, will she ever, go to battle alone.

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