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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I got it out of my system with Baby #2. The overwhelming guilt. Of having to split my love between two precious beings. The tears shed. While rocking #1, the first night home from the hospital. Sobbing. Apologizing all the while. (Not to mention, incredibly hormonal.) For bringing home another baby. And pulling my attention away from her. Telling her we’d figure it all out somehow…

We rolled through our mornings. Our feedings. Our playtime. Our naptime. Our bedtime. Our adjustments.

And before I knew it…it happened. I couldn’t tell you exactly when. The moment when I couldn’t remember what life was like without them both. And it was an incredible feeling to know that my love had multiplied. And that there was plenty of room for all. That we were exactly where we were supposed to be.

Then two years ago arrived. Along with sweet, beautiful Baby Nugget. And you know that wondering about the ability to share all that love?


In an instant.

Because she made it so easy.


~She made it easy…as she absorbed the pokes, prods, hair rubs and wet kisses, without complaint.

~She made it easy…nuzzling perfectly under my chin.

~She made it easy…cuddling her warm body against mine on those frigid winter nights.

~She made it easy…bringing so much joy into our family, in such a bittersweet week.

~She made it easy…finding her way into her big sisters’ arms.

~She made it easy…growing our hearts with love.

This precious being has my heart so totally in her tiny two-year-old hand. Wrapped around her little fingers. Lost in her eyes. Relaxed in her grip. Soothed in her giggles.

I never knew what a completely perfect fit she would be. My heart has only expanded tenfold since her arrival. In total awe. As I watch each day, witnessing her ambition to keep up with her older sisters. Of her carefree, go-with-the-flow spirit. Her total love of music. And dance. Of her ability to find the sunshine wherever she goes. Her drive to learn. Her heart of gold.


At just two years old.

Words cannot express just how much love and laughter she has added to our family and home. And I can only look forward to all the adventures and achievements that God has in store for this beautiful sweetheart, yet to come.

Love the Here and Now
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