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2020, meet 2021...with grace, please


You were a year.

A year the world never expected.

But, a year God knew was coming, all along.

A year that threatened to break us.

A year that tossed us from our comfort zones.

A year that bent us in a complete broken circle.

A year that forced us to unmask ourselves.

A year that tore many of our hearts to pieces.

But, you were also a year of this incredible growth and redemption.

A year of finding miracles in the ordinary. Returning to praise Him for the simplest of life's blessings. Those everyday treasures we so often previously overlooked.

A year of finding stillness in the rhythm of life's rush; using the unexpected borrowed time to slow down and sit quietly at His feet. A year to remember His presence in the midst of our incessant daily schedules.

A year to put our lights together, hand-in-hand; neighbor with neighbor; breaking through the enemy's darkness with our newfound illumination. Alternating between being the moon, and absorbing the light of others, and the sun; shining brightly on those around us.

A year to finally grab a hold of our Savior's outstretched hand, and walk straight forward; eyes fixated on Him, as we crossed the unexpected, abundant floodwaters before and below, straight into His unconditional arms.

A year of Sharing. Giving. Multiplying. Taking upon ourselves one another's burdens. Helping one another in ways we never thought imaginable.

A year of unraveling the everyday blessings, right before our very eyes; as we learned to slow down just enough to rediscover and truly appreciate them for their priceless-ness.

The year of redemption.

The year of disconnecting.

Only to reconnect, better than ever before.

The year of unmasking the world.

To get to the root of our true selves.

Like never before.


You were the year that uprooted our lives in the most unanticipated, bittersweet ways, but replanted us with deeper connections than we could have ever imagined.

And 2021?

We welcome you.


With nervous hope.

With faithful anticipation.

With cautious, open hearts and minds.

You are the year, we pray to secure our roots in all the lessons that we learned in the most unexpected year of all; the year God knew was coming. The year He prayed His children would finally learn to learn to humbly, faithfully and fully, rely on Him. May you meet 2020 with an abundance of grace and lessons learned; leading us to one of our most faithfully bountiful years yet.

"You crown the year with your bounty; your wagon tracks overflow with abundance." Psalm 65:11

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